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About Dough Dots

Let Your Child Delight in Dough Dots

Launched in 2017, Dough Dots is making waves in the toy market. They are fun, entertaining and educational toys for preschoolers, kindergarteners and the young at heart!

Once your child gets their hands on Dough Dots, the possibilities are endless. Designed with a timeless ball shape that offers enriching activities and games, Dough Dots incorporates the packaging as part of the play.

Dough is stored in fun, colorful balls that children love to pop open themselves. Each ball features a stamp that can be used to decorate and create patterns and designs on the modeling dough that comes inside.

Throw the balls, stack the balls, pop them open, squish the dough, make patterns, mold shapes - the possibilities are endless (and you can count on your child to try it all!)

Children love playing with Dough Dots on their own and with friends. It’s the perfect activity to have on hand - and one that kids will ask for again and again. Designed for ages 2 and 6, you’ll find that even older kids will ask to be part of the fun.

Dough Dots is a safe toy that provides hours of creative fun, Dough Dots is the toy you’ll want to see your child playing with. So grab a few and watch as they become eager to say, “Let’s Create!”