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Dough Dots!™ Assorted Dough with Extruder and Cutters Bundle

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2x Dough Dots!™ Carry Case with a total of 6x 1.9 oz Dough Dots!™ in red, yellow, and blue, and 2x mini dough extruder for making fun shapes.

2x Dough Dots!™ Surprise Pack by Fisher-Price contains a total of 2x 1.9 oz Dough Dots!™ dot in red, purple, blue, or yellow, and 2x Cutters. 

4x 4 oz Dough Dots!™ "dot" by Fisher Price in "Monkey Blue", "Panda Red", "Hippo Purple", and "Lion Yellow". The easy open plastic "dot" is great for stamping and shaping dough, and acts as storage between uses. Ages 3-6.