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3 Positive Influences Dough Dots! Can Have on Preschoolers

Posted by doughdots Admin on

Dough Dots! aren't just colorful dough placed in fun-sized ball containers, but are created with the focus on how it may promote positive influences on young, developing minds as early as the preschool age groups. If you're a parent, the following considerations are highly recommended: 

  1. Hand-Eye Coordination
  2. Stacking balls can be tricky for a small child. So when it comes to stacking something by learning to understand the weight, size and object itself, this alone can improve a child's fine motor skills.

  3. Social and Emotional Development
  4. There are so many games a child can play using Dough Dots! It doesn't just encourage educational learning, but it communication and social interactions are high on the list as well, as long as another person is involved. Have a child stack and then throw something on the stack.


    Kids love the idea of being free to make a mess. So stacking and throwing can create squeals of excitement, raising the curiosity level of other kids around. Eventually, you might notice one or two new friends for your little one, making it all so much more fun.


    Parents can also use many opportunities to encourage communication between their little ones and these colorful dots! As critical thinking skills come into play, so do the social and emotional skills.

  5. Bring Out the Artistic and Crafty Side
  6. We all know the dough alone can bring out the artistic side of a child, but the added bonus of using the animal carvings on the ball can further expand a child's imagination. In addition, the ball itself can be used to cut round, oval and other perfectly curved shapes for more unique designs.


    A child with a creative imagination can influence others to expand their own cognitive skills. So if you've got a Preschooler in your midst, help them use their imagination the best way possible - with great influence!
Grab a Dough Dot! and feel free to share to turn to your little one and say, "Let's Create!"

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