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How to Make a Rainbow with Just 4 Simple Colors

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A rainbow is when white light is broken into seven colors of the spectrum after rainfall. The delivery of colors is seen as beautiful and a natural, unique gift provided by mother nature herself. 

The seven colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Dough Dots started their line with 4 main colors: red, yellow, blue and violet. The idea was to help young children, not overwhelm them at the early stages of their cognitive development.  Helping children become familiar with 4 simple colors can help exercise their creativity, imagination and experimentation. 

color mixing

With the help of some dough, the art of color mixing, and the colors red, yellow, blue and violet, we can make the additional orange, green and indigo to make a complete rainbow!  

dough dots yellow blue green

What do you suppose these colors make? 

If your answer to the question above is green, you've got it right! The following are the color calculations to 2 more very important colors of the rainbow:

Do you see the color orange beginning to form? 

Now, the last color we are looking for is indigo (or is it purple? or violet?) What appears to be  a dark shade of purple will need to be slightly lighter in color to gain the violet and indigo colors. What color(s) can be added to the Dough Dots purple to make the colors violet and indigo? Find out by doing your own color mixing experiments! 


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