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Goal Setting with Dough Dots! Can Get Kids to Do Their Chores

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There are many significant differences between 2 to 7 years years of age. However, there are 2 very special things these age groups have in common - the desire to learn and have fun. So why not combine the two for their benefit? 

Goal setting is a great way to encourage a child’s desire to learn educational and lifelong skills. Here's a great example of how to incorporate the use of Dough Dots! in your goal setting activities:

A Goal Setting Example

Sometimes parents find the complaint of having to do chores much more daunting than the annoyance of seeing toys scattered all over the place. So how about creating a reward system that encourages kids to pick up their toys? 

Find a basket (laundry basket works just fine) and place it far enough for your kids to be able to miss and shoot a Dough Dot! into it. However, before they throw the balls in, you must place a piece of paper in each ball.

Some papers may be blank, while one of the papers will have a little message, along with a nice little reward on it. The paper could read something like the following: 

Have you picked up the toys in your room and neatly put them in their right spots? If so, please ask mommy for a special chocolate treat after dinner. 

The Dough Dots! that make it into the basket can be opened. If all the papers in each Dough Dot! is blank, then they must try again next time. If one of the papers has a prize in it, then they should be in for a real treat! 

Goal setting isn’t just a reward system. It can get kids to try harder and find out that reaching each and every single goal can help kids meet expectations that they otherwise would never have met, had they not given their all. 

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