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Why Place Dough in a Ball?

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For years, children have enjoyed the simplicity of playing with a ball. Toss it, roll it, juggle it, bounce it … there are so many different ways you can play with it! Its versatility makes it a useful, valuable source for many things in life, such as one created by our genius CEO, Shahin Dardashty who found a great solution to enhancing the development of young minds! 


Dough Dots is more than just dough inside a ball. Dough has the tendency to harden and quickly become nothing more than just messy bits of color stuck in places you never wish it to be. If stored properly, it can have a much longer life span. However, most kids don’t care enough to put them back in their containers. Let’s face it … cleaning and putting things away isn’t a whole lot of fun! 

With easy to open and close containers, Dough Dots are making the cleanup process of dough much easier!  Sure, air tight containers are great for storing dough, but if kids can’t open and close them on their own, then the likelihood of not having dough in those “hard to open” containers can be very high. 

The Dough Dot containers aren’t just for storage. They’re made with many benefits for little ones as well as the more mature generations.

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