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Why Are the Bright Colors of Dough Dots So Appealing to Young Children?

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Children are naturally drawn to bright colors, because their eyes aren’t fully accustomed to everything around them. You might even say bright colors are the best ways to communicate with children who are in the very early stages of developing their lifelong skills.


benefits of using bright colors

The Benefits of Bright Colored Dough Dots for the Developing Mind

Although young, developing minds are always curious, their decision-making process is driven by what stands out the most. Hence, the reason they will most likely choose bright colors over the less interesting, neutral colors.

Let’s face it, even adult eyes can wander onto a bright object before looking at anything else. For children, these bright colors make a significant difference in their learning process as well as their mood.

Dough Dots have specifically chosen to launch their 4 popular, bright and visually enticing colors for the benefits of the young, developing mind. You might find the following theories behind these colors to be very interesting:

Learning with Colors

The ability to see different colors in scientific form, is the result of an electromagnetic spectrum that triggers neuropathways in our brain to respond. Teachers and professionals who understand the positive use of colors have found it to generate joys of learning in children.

Emotions Driven by Colors 

Color can impact a child’s mood and emotions, which is why Dough Dots have chosen to introduce their special Preschool Playtime Toys with these 4 beautiful, bright colors:  

  • Red
  • Red is an exciting color, which ignites strong feelings. Some are good and others may not always be that great, but if you’ve got a little athlete on your hands, this is definitely a good way to drive that aggression!

  • Purple
  • Purple can be tricky, because of there’s significant differences between the different shades of light and dark. Dark is not very positive, but bright, light purple is a sign of wisdom, wealth and tranquility, which are all good vibes to pass onto a child.

  • Blue
  • Blue is very calming. For children who may have behavioral problems, being in an environment with plenty of blue colors could be very helpful.

    The color blue can also stimulate the creative nature of a child. However, just like anything else, never underestimate its powerful nature. Too much of it can also have a negative effect, such as depression and anxiety.

  • Yellow
  • When people think of the color yellow, they often think of sunshine and sunflowers. It generates happy thoughts and memories and can also stimulate good behavior.

Dough Dots are here to help your children grow in the most positive way possible! 

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