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5 Developmental Benefits Children Gain from Ball Play

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Give a kid a ball and he or she can find many ways to be entertained with it.  That’s right!  No electronic system, despite all intentions to have it dominate every aspect of our lives, can take away the endless possibilities of what a simple ball can bring. 

ball play

Ball play can provide developmental and fundamental benefits for children, such as: 

    1. Social Skills


      A ball can be played by one person, but a whole lot of fun with at least two. Playing catch, for example, can involve two people learning to communicate with each other. Social skills are a great way to open lines of communication and for kids to learn from one another.


    1. Critical Thinking Skills


      A ball can be played in so many ways, including games like basketball, soccer, baseball and more! When kids play games, they learn to expand their cognitive and critical thinking skills by finding strategic ways to win. Most kids can be quite competitive and the best way for them to win is to be tap into their creative side.


    1. Fine Motor Skills


      The development of fine motor skills can help a child become comfortable with the use of his or her muscles. When a ball is involved, a child can exercise these fine motor skills by using strength and muscles to throw, catch or move the ball in any way.


      Fine motor skills are useful in some of the most important tasks in life, such as writing, typing, and so much more! The more connected an individual is to the muscles that control all our necessary movements, the better that person will be at playing games and other very important activities of life.


    1. Hand-Eye Coordination


      Hand-eye coordination is beneficial in so many aspects of life, including daily activities, such as getting dressed, eating, handwriting, reading and more. The practice of catching a throwing a ball can help improve our hand-eye coordination.


    1. Sportsmanship and Emotional Skills


    Ball play can encourage competitive behavior, especially with little ones. However, with the right guidance, it can also be a way to encourage children to have control of their emotions as they learn the value of positive sportsmanship.
Did we mention that playing ball with your child can also encourage bonding opportunities with your child? Little ones love it and some parents find it to be a great form of exercise!

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