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3 Fun Developmental Games You Can Play Using Dough Dots!

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You can create many developmental games with Dough Dots! Here are 3 fun ways to encourage positive cognitive learning as your little ones use their imagination: 

1. Guess the Animal Game

This game is easy peasy! For this, you will need a bag (or basket) and a blindfold. 

Just place the Dough Dots! in your bag (or basket). Then have your child close their eyes (or they might find it more exciting if you blindfold them) and pick out a ball from the bag.  

Once your child has a ball in their hand, you can have them feel the animal carving on the ball to make the best guess possible. The more they play, the more improvement they have towards their sense of touch.  

How does your child benefit? 

This game of touch helps improve tactile learning, one of the least talked about developmental benefits for young children. According to Integrated Learning Strategies

“Tactile learning and touch is essential for a child’s growth in physical abilities, cognitive and language skills, and even social and emotional development.” 

2. Fast Stack Game

Stacking balls or objects that are round can be tricky. It requires a lot of patience and skill. Have your child stack as many of the balls as they could. The taller the ball tower, the more balls are used. Feel free to have your child use the dough to try to hold the balls in place. 

Both height and number can be used for goal setting. For a child, stacking balls can be very tedious but those who love problem-solving can gain a lot of pleasure from having accomplished a difficult feat. 

How does your child benefit? 

The act of stacking balls can help improve hand-eye coordination as well as the beginning of problem-solving skills and maybe even the love for math.  Have your child or child stack as many of the Dough Dots! as possible and then count the balls together. 

3. Hide and Seek, Scavenger Hunt

This game never gets old and can be much more fun when there’s a prize involved! Very similar to the idea of finding Easter eggs, each ball is great for hiding and finding, because of its lovely bright colors. Once found, children can snap open the balls to find clues inside the balls to help solve easy problems. 

To prepare for the game, parents can place little notes (which the parents can read to their child) or puzzles inside each ball. Most children love problem-solving and can find a lot of satisfaction in being able to solve puzzles, riddles, math problems and more! 

How does your child benefit? 

Parents can use this opportunity to help develop fun and interest in learning for their children. Perhaps a piece of paper inside could have something like … 

We hope you can make use of any of these games to help improve your child’s developmental learning process! Learning progress is always best when fun is involved! 

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